A City Trip To Rome, Italy

Hello everyone,

I recently went to Rome with a friend for a long weekend (Four days). I had never been here before, but I always wanted to go to Rome. It’s such a beautiful and historical city with amazing buildings and architecture.

Besides that, I thought this was the perfect period to go to Rome, because I really hate to be in a city when it’s very hot. We went in the middle of February and the weather was perfect to exploring the city. It was 17 till 19 degrees and very sunny!

If you are thinking to go to Rome some time, I think it would be nice and good to read this blog! Because in this blog I’m going to tell you what I have done in Rome, which places I can recommend you and where it is nice to eat.

We stayed at Lungotevere Ripa Hotel. It was such a nice hotelroom, with a modern interior. The cleaners cleaned the room every day, so the room looked really clean and hygienic. Below are some pictures from the hotel room to give you a little impression.

Furthermore, our hotel was in a really cozy place called ‘Lungotevere’ with beautiful Italian streets, where you can find small shops, bakery, supermarkets and restaurants. If you like less crowded and not busy tourist spots, then I advise you to go to this place. It is also a lot cheaper here and it is much quieter, but still super cozy!

In Rome are a lot of taxis and there are a lot of bus-stops nearby. The first day we were very busy with figuring out how the public-transport works, but in the end we found out that it’s really easy to see which bus you have to take if you are using the app ‘maps’. This app is very handy! I think it would be so much harder to find out where to go, if this app didn’t exist haha.

If you are in Rome I really recommend you to go by bus instead of taxis, by the way. The buses are free and there are often several stops where buses pass by, which can take you to your destination.

Unfurtunataly I have to warn you that there are a lot of taxi-drivers in Rome who light you up. This happened to us on the first day. We asked the taxi-driver in advance how much it costs to go from our hotel to the Colosseum. He said it would cost 18 euros…

We were so tired and thought that this price was normal, so we accepted it. But eventually we were just 8 minutes on our way in the taxi. We saw that there was a money-meter where the price would go up higher after each meter.

We were almost at our destination and we saw that there was 8.00 euro on the money-meter screne. The taxi-driver suddenly started to talk about the place and where to go and said that we had to look on the rightside, to distract us.

At that moment he secretly raised the money-meter at 18 euros. Me and my friend were too tired at the moment of the trip to make a discussion of it, but after this expierence we decided not to go by taxi anymore haha.

Eventually we found out that it is also easier to go by bus. The only bad thing of taking the bus is that the buses not always came on time in Rome, so sometimes you have to wait a bit longer, but it’s never for a really long time.

4 Beautiful Destinations In Rome

1.Colosseum, Rome

The first day we went to the Colosseum by metro. I loved to see the Colosseum. Unfortunately we have not been inside, but we have walked around this beautiful building.

The Colosseum is a large arena, built in the first century under the Roman emperors of the Flavian dynasty. The Colosseum was used to host spectacular public entertainment events such as gladiator fights, wild animal hunts and public executions.

The idea that the Colosseum exist so long is so crazy and specially that there is so much history in this building where terrible things have happened. That’s why I found it very impressive to see this building.

2. Vatican City

The first day we were so busy with doing a research where everything was and making a plan for the coming days. We decided to go to Vatican City on our second day.

Vatican City is a beautiful city that is not officially from Rome. This city is the smallest independent state in the world. The territory of this country is completely enclosed by the city of Rome, making it an enclave within Italy.

Vatican city is a beautiful historical city. We actually wanted to go to the Vatican Museum, but there was a big line from two hours to get in.

Eventually we only went to the square from Vatican City and we walked through the city, took some pictures and ate some good ice cream.

I really have to say that they have amazing ice cream in Italy. The taste is so much better than the ice cream in the country where I live.

3. Castel Romano Designer Outlet

On the third day we went to a shopping outlet called ‘Castel Romano Designer Outlet’. Castel Romano was difficult to reach because it is outside the city. With the taxi it would cost 70 euros. Eventually we invented that you can take a shuttle bus for 15 euros, which can bring you to Castel Romano and bring you back to Rome.

These buses only leave from the Termini station. You can take the shuttle buses from 08:30 AM to 15:30 PM. The bus will also take you back from Castel Romano to the Termini station. It is a bus trip of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Castel Romano is a very large shopping outlet with nice designer brands. There was a lot of discount, but many items were still quite expensive. It is very modern and there are many different restaurants where you can eat and drink.

I liked shopping at Castel Romano, but it takes a lot of time. Especially because we were only in Rome for four days.

If you’re looking for designer clothes like Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Valentino, Michael Kors and more, then I advise you to go to this place for shopping because many items were in the discount. But you can also enjoy shopping in Rome for great prices and buy nice clothes!

4. Fontana Di Trevi

On our last day we went to Fontana Di Trevi. I think that I found this the most beautiful place in Rome. This place is also very touristy, but definitely worth to admire the beautiful fountain. It’s nice to take beautiful pictures here.

Fontana Di Trevi is also in a very nice place with lots of nice shops. Besides that, it’s also really nice for breakfast, lunch or dinner, because it’s really cozy and they have a lot of nice restaurants around this place! At my opinion this is the nicest place to be, because everything is near by.

Nice places to eat in Rome

On my opinion the food in Rome was really good. Bread, pizzas, pastas and ice cream is really tasty in Italy. In rome there are many similar types of restaurants, like a lot of pizzarias. But it is always very tasty!

1.Piazza Navona

A nice place to eat in the evening is ‘Piazza Navona’. This is a large square surrounded by many restaurants. In the middle is a small fountain.

This place is very touristy, but nice to eat. We have eaten here on our first evening. And of course, we immediately choose to order a pizza!

I really liked it to eat a real Italian pizza. It is much tastier than how the pizzas are made in the Netherlands where I live. It was made from fresh dough and fresh tomato sauce. Really delicious!

2. Lungotevere

Like I said in the beginning from this blog, our hotel was in Lungotevere. This place is less touristy and nice to eat. There are a lot of cute Italian streets, which is super nice to walk and admire the Italian architecture.

We often take a Italian pasta in the restaurants. These are also really good and delicious!

In the four days we were in Rome, we often take dinner in Lungotevere. Because it was near by our hotel and also less touristy!

Streets in Lungotevere

This was my adventure and my expierence in Rome. I hope you enjoyed reading this travel blog! Now I want to know if you want to go to Rome some time and which places you want to visit? For the ones who already went to Rome, which places do you liked the most and do you want to go to Rome again in the future? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,