Difference between Iphone 11 and Iphone 12

Hi everyone, I think there are a lot of people who are curious about the differences between Iphone 11 and Iphone 12. That's why I'm going to tell the difference between the two phones in this blog! Iphone 11: Iphone 12:

New cover! Me singing ‘So Sick’ from Ne-Yo

Hi guys, It's been a while but I finally uploaded a new cover song! I'm singing 'So Sick' from Ne-Yo. Do you still recognize this song? I was 11 when this song came out and I was always singing this song! Even I didn't know what love is haha.. Still love to listen to this

De beste boeken voor een positieve mindset

De laatste tijd ben ik bezig met het lezen van boeken over mindset. Deze boeken helpen mij om mijn negatieve gedachtes of angsten om te zetten in een positieve mindset. Die positieve mindset gebruik ik nu al met kleine dingen die in het dagelijks leven gebeuren of met gedachtes over de toekomst, waardoor ik veel

New cover! Me singing ‘Iron Sky’ from Paulo Nutini Hi guys, I posted a new cover from Paulo Nutini - Iron Sky. I really love this song and the voice of Paulo Nutini is so unique. The lyrics is also amazing of this song. I made my own version of it! I hope you like it! So let me know what you think in

Nike Air Jordan 1 MID (Light Smoke Grey) REVIEW

Hi everyone! Recently I bought the Nike Air Jordan (Smoke Grey) Sneakers! And I'm so happy with them. I chose the color 'light smoke grey' because I think they fit with so many other colors and items. I like it that the sneakers has basic colors. Especially because it's autumn now and the winter is also
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My WONDR Experience in Amsterdam

Hallo allemaal, Op 17 september ben ik bij de opening van het WONDR museum geweest met Djuna! Dit was echt een geweldige ervaring. Het WONDR museum is een museum met verschillende ruimtes die heel mooi gedecoreerd zijn en in elke ruimte zijn eigen thema heeft. Het museum bevindt zich in Amsterdam Noord en is heel makkelijk

Calvin Klein Photo Meet-up Event

Hi everyone! Two weeks ago I went to the Calvin Klein Photo Meet-up event in Amsterdam with a friend. We had the opportunity to design our own Calvin Klein Denim Jacket. I've never done this before, so it was all new to me. We were well informed about the possibilities and how it works to customize our

City Trip To Rome, Italy

Hello everyone, I recently went to Rome with a friend for a long weekend (Four days). I had never been here before, but I always wanted to go to Rome. It’s such a beautiful and historical city with amazing buildings and architecture. Besides that, I thought this was the perfect period to go to Rome, because
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Swiss Clinic Skinroller

Hoi allemaal! Ik heb zojuist een samenwerking gehad met Swiss Clinic, waarbij ik de skin roller heb mogen uitproberen. Ik ben meestal erg sceptisch over huidproducten, maar ik moet zeggen dat ik toch erg tevreden ben met de resultaten van dit product! Aller eerst zal ik even uitleggen wat voor product dit is. De Skin Roller geeft

4 Different Snake Print Outfits

Hey guys! This period I see so many clothes with animal prints and there are so many more people who wear it. In the beginning I thought: 'oh no, I will never wear it'. Eventually, I just started to love it and became obsessed with it. In this blog I am going to: 1. Share my opinion on