3 Cool Outfit Ideas During The Winter Time (2019)

Hi there everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I surely did!

This week I want to show you some outfit combinations which you can wear during the winter time.

Recently, I had the chance to do a collaboration with a brand called Loavies. They have a webshop where I regularly get my clothes of the latest fashion trends. That’s why I totally loved to work with them.

In this blog I want to share with you which items I chose, what I like about them and how you can combine them to make your outfit on point!

Outfit 1

For my first outfit I chose this lovely pink dress from Lovies that I love to combine with a white sweater, black tights and my white Alexander Mcqueen sneakers. I also had my white (funky) shades on, hihi, which were matching my shoes and sweater.

There are a few reasons why I went for this dress. Firstly, I find it different (in a positive way) than the most of the other dresses out there. It is different because the top of the dress looks like a dungarees but in a dress form. Leave a comment what you think about it!

Secondly, when I first saw the light pink color of the dress I immediately started to combine it with other items that came up in my mind. As some of you are able to see on the right photo, the backside of my Alexander Mcqueen sneakers have the same pink color as the dress so I really liked that combination.

You can also combine this dress with other shoes, of course!

For example:

You can switch the white sneakers for nice black boots, like Dr. Martens, or other black boots/sneakers that you like.

For the girls that don’t like the color pink, don’t worry! Loavies also has this dress in a brown color as well which is also great for the fall and winter time.

Check out the brown color dress HERE.

Outfit 2

For the second outfit I chose the light brown sweater as you can see in the pictures above.  It is a very simple sweater, but definitely a comfortable. It is also warm and easy to match with other different items!

I combined the sweater with a black flared pants and black Dr. Martens boots. These boots are currently my favorite ones to wear in the fall/winter time.

If you’re thinking to buy Dr. Martens boots, keep in mind that the shoes are quite uncomfortable in the first weeks when wearing them. Therefore, I recommend wearing them at least 3 or 4 times a week, so the boots can adapt to your feet. After that you will have less trouble walking with them! This can be different for every person.

As to the sweater, you can wear it in different ways such as: inside the front of the pants with a nice belt, or you can simply wear the sweater over your pants, like I did on the left picture.

It’s a preference thing! Let me know in the comments which variation you prefer!

Outfit 3

For my last outfit I chose this lilac (a pale to light moderate purple) sweater.

When I first saw this sweater I really fell in love with the sleeves, because they are much wider then the rest of this sweater. This detail alone is making this item more interesting, in my opinion.

The light purple color of this sweater can be easily combined with other light color pants.

Even better:

I think that it is also nice to wear it with a high skirt where you can put the sweater inside your skirt. Adding a nice belt or other accessories can finish the whole outfit!

Conclusion: This was my fashion blog about 3 Cool outfit Ideas during the winter time inspired by Loavies. I hope that you enjoyed this fashion blog and that I was able to sparkle some outfit ideas for the winter time!

Now what I want from you is: which Loavies item(s) do you like the most of the 3 and how you would wear it? Let me know in the comments below!