4 Different Snake Print Outfits

Hey guys!

This period I see so many clothes with animal prints and there are so many more people who wear it. In the beginning I thought: ‘oh no, I will never wear it’. Eventually, I just started to love it and became obsessed with it.

In this blog I am going to:

1. Share my opinion on the snake-print trend,

2.Show you the snake-print items that I have recently purchased

3.And I will give you some inspiration about how you can combine different snake-print items.

My first opinion about the snake-print trend was that I thought it would suit some girls, but not everyone.

At first I thought it would not fit on me, because I am very short and I have short legs with wide thighs. My first opinion was that it looks nicer at slender girls with thin and long legs.

But I saw so many different girls on Instagram who wore snake prints, and I thought it was so beautiful and elegant, which made me find it more interesting.

Outfit 1:

I looked at different web shops to find a few snake print items. When I saw those flared pants with snake print on the web shop of ‘Come get fashion’ (which I’m wearing on the picture above), I thought that these pants could be very cool. The pants looked so good at the model on the photo from the website.

At first I was very skeptical because I did not know how it would fit on me, but I just wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try it. Because it may look very cool and trendy and there is of course only one way to find that out! So I ordered it ..

And yes .. When I tried the snake print flared pants on, I was really surprised by how beautiful it looked! Maybe because I did not expect it would suit me. But I really liked it!

Besides that I like the snake print, I also love that the pants are very comfortable. It is made of a good fabric, so the pants fits very well on your legs and body.

I like to wear it with a cream or nude color. This time I chose this turtleneck in cream color that I wear on the picture below.

Outfit 2:

For the girls who like the snake print, but really do not feel comfortable or do not like flared pants, I can recommend a skinny jeans with snake sprint.

A friend of mine had a beautiful skinny high-waisted jeans with snake print. I fell in love immediately! I asked her directly where she bought it and she said that she recently bought it from Zara.

A few days ago I went to Zara and I saw that they had so many items in sale. I accidentally saw the beautiful pants in the store that I liked from my friend and luckily the pants were on sale too.

And of course I had to buy it hihi.

What I like about this pants is that it has a different color than my other snake print pants. This one is white with black snake sprint, which makes it easier to combine it with different colors.

On the picture above you can see how I combine the jeans with other items.

Outift 3:

If you want to go for a cooler look instead of a casual look, you can choose for cool black boots, like Dr. Martens and a cool black sweater. Let me know in the comments which outfit you like more (Casual like outfit 2 / Cool like outfit 3)?

Outfit 4:

I also saw a beautiful and stylish Zara blazer with snake print on the Zara web shop. Because I only had two pants with a snake print, I just wanted another item with this print.

That’s why I ordered the Zara blazer that I’m wearing on the picture. You can combine this blazer with black or white jeans, with black boots or white sneakers.

This time I chose to wear it with a stylish white blouse, black pants and white Buffalo London sneakers. I know that there are many different opinions about the Bufallo shoes. I totally understand that, because those shoes are different than other shoes. But that is what I like about these shoes. I also love that the shoes has a really high sole, which is making me look taller, haha!

Conclusion: This was my blog about 4 different snake print outfits. What I want to say is that you do not have to stay with your first impression or have to think that something does not suit you, but only someone else with a different body figure than you.

Just try it and if you like it, wear it! You don’t have to be afraid of what other people think. It is the most important thing that YOU feel comfortable in it!

Now I want to know your opinion about the trend of animal prints? Would you wear it or not? And which animal print do you like the most?

Please tell me in the comments below!

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